Sunday Breakfast

We slept in ’till 11 this morning, and it was glorious.  Sundays are perfect for waking up slowly and making a delicious breakfast.  The boy saw the idea somewhere (I don’t know where, or I would credit it) to cook eggs in a bell pepper ring, and has been excited to try it as soon as the peppers in our garden were ready.  Since one of our peppers got eaten by a critter the other day, he decided we should harvest them even though they were still green and we had wanted to wait until they were red.

BY THE WAY, did you guys know that green peppers, yellow peppers, and red peppers are all the same plant, just at different stages of ripeness???  I had no idea, I thought they were different varieties.  But apparently, if you leave them on the vine, green peppers turn into yellow peppers and then red peppers.  Who knew!?

So we were going to wait for ours to turn color, mostly so Travis could prove to me that it was really true, but we didn’t want them all to get eaten so we decided to pick them even though they were still green.  Which is a long winded way of saying, it was time for egg-in-a-pepper-rings, and that’s exactly what we did. He had some steak left over from work too, which we sliced up and added in.  Overall, an amazing breakfast.

Cast iron skillets are the bomb dot com. As you can see, the egg leaks out a little, and that’s okay.

I don’t think a “recipe” is necessary here – just take a bell pepper, slice it horizontally into rings, set it in a hot oiled pan and crack an egg in the center.  In the same pan, you can cook bacon, steak, or whatever else your heart desires.  We had that steak and the rest of the pepper sliced up. YUM!

Later on, we went for a bike/skateboard ride around the neighborhood…Travis got his hands on an old skateboard recently and is fixing it up. Apparently, it’s not “streamlined” enough yet or something, because by halfway around the block, he was trying to hold my handlebar and I was dragging him home.  Good quad workout, though!

Then we made cinnamon buns (from the can, Annie’s Organic brand, they’re really good!) and caught up on Vikings and Modern Family.

Tonight I have my first band rehearsal for our community theater production of Cabaret.  I haven’t played my flute in any kind of legitimate capacity since college, so I’m really excited!

I love lazy cozy Sundays, and I hope you all had a lovely day too!